Chingari Announces Partnership With Fashion TV

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For the first time in crypto history, a popular video app project that rewards its users in crypto has joined hands with the exclusive Fashion TV. Together, they will launch Fashion Metaverse which would feature Fashion TV tokens.

 Overview of the Chingari x Fashion TV Collaboration

Indian internet consumers have grown exponentially in the past few years which contributed to the emergence of a unique short-video app made in India called Chingari. It is currently one of the fastest-growing apps and has recently made headlines after signing an exclusive partnership with Fashion TV aka FTV. FTV is better known as the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle broadcasting television channel. This partnership marks the first collaboration between FTV and any short-video application.

The announcement became known to the world during a star-studded evening party held in Dubai where both national & international celebrities and executives of high-profile companies came together from around the world. During the event, GARI Panda NFTs and Fashion TV NFTs were also showcased as the exclusive highlight of the day. The event included a 75-piece fashion show all of which came from the talented mind and design studio of Madiha Abaida of Extremedy.

The GARI panda is not just a cute and cuddly tribe meant for aesthetics. These pandas will offer the holders a lot of benefits that we have explained below:

Access to exclusive fashion industry parties.
Entry is exclusive fashion shows held by FTV.
A ticket to enter the Fashion TV Metaverse.

Chingari’s Success and FTV Partnership Future

Chingari is known for its exclusive content and its GARI social tokens that were launched back in 2021. The short-video application is currently supported by more than 130 million users that keep growing continuously. Currently, the project is known for being a flag-bearer as the first-ever short-video application. Content available on Chingari includes engaging videos where users can display a plethora of skills like dancing, transformation, innovation, singing etc. The reason why Chingari became so popular was its ease of use, uniqueness, and support for more than 15 Indian languages.

The details of this partnership reveal a much more exciting venture that Chingari and FTV have planned in the future. Soon, it would be possible to gain access to Fashion Metaverse where users can use Fashion TV tokens. With this announcement, both Chingari and Fashion TV have launched around 100 non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Individuals holding these particular NFTs will reap multiple benefits like the ones mentioned earlier

This partnership also means that users holding GARI will be able to exclusively play Fashion TV content on its app to make things beneficial for both parties. The CEO and co-founder of Chingari, Mr Sumit Ghosh has hinted that these 100 exclusive NFTs would rush global artists and celebrities to participate.


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