Meta Files Trademark Application for Crypto Tokens and Virtual Exchange

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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, recently applied for a trademark that would allow their logo to be used for crypto tokens and virtual exchange. This move indicates the company’s interest to venture into crypto and virtual products and services; which will as a result help build an ecosystem around their Metaverse.

The trademark application as announced by popular Metaverse and NFT trading Attorney, Michael Kondoudis representing Meta; is not only limited to the aforementioned, it also includes 

Financial trading 
Currency trading
Blockchain software
Virtual currency wallets 
Virtual currency exchange
Digital, crypto, and virtual currencies 

Furthermore, the company applied for a total of 8 trademarks, which are listed above. These trademarks however would allow Meta to use their logo on products and services as it relates to them. 

Although the application has been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office since March 18, 2022; there has been no official announcement from the company regarding this. And the only available information is the one from Mr. Kondoudis’ tweet and also a press release on ExpertClick. 

Meta Ventures Into Crypto

Meta since its change of name is giving more attention to the Metaverse and also creating a functional ecosystem around it. Justifying their change of name, the company explained that the move is an attempt for them to own the Metaverse; an ecosystem that is still being built. 

Commenting on the application, Mr. Kondoudis describes these filings as a reflection of the company’s strategy for moving into the metaverse. It also shows that Meta has important plans for the virtual world. According to him, the trademark filings would interest everyone involved in the virtual industry and even those in the financial sector.

What the Trademark Application Means

The eight applications, if granted, would give Meta the right to exclusively use their logo for any of the above-listed ventures. Regardless of the popularity of the word, “Meta”, and metaverse at large; the company reserves the right to be the sole user of the logo.

This move shows Meta’s plan to build an ecosystem around the metaverse, and as a result, investors can be expecting the announcement of their token and virtual exchange. Because these applications indicate that plans are currently ongoing.


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