QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Saga to Feature in New Netflix Documentary

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Netflix will premiere a documentary on the events surrounding the death of the founder of QuadrigaCX, Gerald Cotten
Cotten was reportedly the sole handler of QuadrigaCX’s cold wallet
His death resulted in QuadrigaCX filing for creditor protection and its customers suffering losses to the tune of $190 million
Conspiracies continue to haunt Cotten’s death and the collapse of QuadrigaCX

The story of QuadrigaCX exchange, from its beginnings to the saga surrounding the death of its founder, and subsequent Bitcoin losses experienced by its users, will be featured in a new Netflix documentary that premiers today, March 30th.

Titled ‘Trust No One: the Hunt for The Crypto King’, the Netflix documentary follows a group of Bitcoin investors who lost their money after the founder of QuadrigaCX, Gerald Cotten, died suddenly in December 2018.

Mr. Cotten was the sole handler of the cold storage crypto wallet belonging to the exchange and his untimely death resulted in the loss of roughly $190 million in Bitcoin and other digital assets, belonging to its users.

The documentary chronicles the band of Bitcoin investors as they carry out their own independent investigations into the whereabouts of the funds reportedly locked in the inaccessible crypto wallet.

Over the years, Gerald Cotten’s untimely death has been at the core of several conspiracy theories after it was revealed that the cold storage wallets contained less crypto than was anticipated.

According to a report by Ernst and Young, Cotten had transferred millions of dollars in digital assets out of customer accounts and into other exchanges, where he lost a significant amount trading Bitcoin.

Cotten’s transfer of customer funds and the losses he incurred trading have led many QuadrigaCX customers to speculate that he faked his own death. This is despite the existence of a death certificate from an Indian hospital where he allegedly died.

Additional evidence has also been unearthed which revealed that Cotten has orchestrated a long list of Ponzi schemes, that began when he was just 15 years old. Therefore, the QuadrigaCX Bitcoin saga might well have been another of his schemes, with faking his own death as part of an exit strategy.


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